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  • Milk in glass

    Day 1 | World Antibiotic Awareness Week

    It’s Day 1 of World Antibiotic Awareness Week! To kick off the week we’re looking at the use of antibiotics in the dairy industry and how Randox Food Diagnostics provide the world’s
  • cows in field

    German Antibiotic Sales Dropped

    Randox Food Diagnostics recently reported how the European Parliament’s new antibiotic legislation bans the use of antibiotics on animals that are important for human medicine use and prohibits any antimicrobials in livestock
  • mycotoxins in animal feed

    Mycotoxin Contamination to Get Worse with Climate Change

    In recent articles experts have predicted that mycotoxin contamination will increase in food and feed crops due to a combination of climate change issues including; increasing temperatures, CO2 levels and extreme wet
  • cows

    EU Parliament Votes to Limit Animal Antibiotic Usage

    On Thursday 25th October, Members of the European Parliament voted to approve measures that would limit antibiotic use in livestock and poultry. The new regulations state that, under no circumstances, can veterinary
  • Wheat

    Visit us at AOAC International – Sub-Saharan Africa Section

    All About Feed recently documented the enormous potential that Africa has for agriculture, whilst highlighting the challenges the country face in terms of feed and food production. As Africa’s population continues to
  • Shrimp

    Malachite Green Testing in Seafood

    Aquaculture is a fast-growing industry around the world, providing almost half of fish consumed globally. The New Delhi Times reported that fish farms, breeding both freshwater and saltwater fish were encouraged by
  • Beef

    Ractopamine Detection in Meat

    Ractopamine was first developed as a treatment for asthma but was never approved according to Consumer Reports. Research later uncovered that when added to animal feed prior to slaughter, ractopamine could increase
  • bee

    Are you consuming adulterated honey?

    A recent study from Macquarie University analysed 100 honeys from 19 countries to see if they were adulterated, including Australia. The study included five raw honey samples and 95 commercial samples, 38
  • shrimp

    Test for Multiple Antimicrobials in Shrimp

    Originally beginning in Southeast Asia, shrimp farming has now become widespread throughout Asia and Latin America. Historically harvested from the wild, shrimp are now mainly reared in aquaculture facilities due to a
  • Milk

    One Week Until IDF WDS 2018

    The countdown to IDF WDS is on with just 7 days to go until the conference South Korea begins. Randox Food Diagnostics are exhibiting at booth #16 showcasing the Biochip Array Technology

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