Who are we?

Randox Food Diagnostics is an associate of Randox Laboratories who have over 35 years’ experience in the diagnostic market and a heavy focus on the research and development on new products.

Randox Food is a dedicated company responsible for the distribution of Randox drug residue and mycotoxin analysis technology as well as a wide range of wine and honey quality test kits and analysers. This versatile range of products includes drug residue & mycotoxin ELISAs, biochip arrays and dedicated enzymatic kits for the wine and honey analysis. Better science, safer food.

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What can we offer?

Randox Food Diagnostics provide the global food market with tools for the screening of antimicrobials, growth promoting hormones, drugs of abuse in animals and produce and toxins offering superb limits of detection and simple sample preparations.

Randox Food has an extensive and expanding range consisting of 37 ELISAs, 21 multiplex screening platforms and 20 enzymatic/colourmetric reagents. Our comprehensive range and trusted screening solutions are intertwined with continually improving the standards of global food safety, ensuring that better science means safer food.

What makes us different?

Randox Food Diagnostics was created to meet the needs of a growing food industry and to ensure the protection of the end consumers. Founded as a subsidiary of global healthcare company Randox Laboratories our mission is to improve healthcare worldwide through effective food testing.

Using our experience in advanced diagnostics and our close relationships with the world’s top food producers, we have created the most innovative range of testing technology available to the food industry today in Biochip Array Technology. Our advancements in diagnostics create a safer food industry along with improved efficiency at producer level.