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  • Testing for Quinolones in Milk

    Quinolones are a broad spectrum group of anti-microbial drugs that are used worldwide for the treatment of infections. They are effective against a range of pathogenic gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, disrupting the
  • Melamine: India extends ban on Chinese dairy products

    The Indian government has voted to extend its current ban on the import of dairy products from China due to continuing fears of Melamine contamination and adulteration. The decision was taken on
  • Pay Per Quality; The Future of Milk Testing?

    Dairy experts are beginning to raise concerns over the increased presence of Antibiotics and Aflatoxins in milk and milk products. At a recent meeting of Africa’s most important dairy experts and industry
  • Initiative to Reduce Farm Antibiotic Use

    As part of a wider government initiative to tackle Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR), Northern Ireland dairy farmers are being given the opportunity to attend a range of training events aimed at further educating
  • One Week Until IDF WDS 2018

    The countdown to IDF WDS is on with just 7 days to go until the conference South Korea begins. Randox Food Diagnostics are exhibiting at booth #16 showcasing the Biochip Array Technology
  • Prevent Mycotoxin Contamination in Milk

    Mycotoxin contamination and concentration varies annually depending on the region or country. The FDA have established Maximum Residue Limits (MRL’s) for mycotoxin detection in dairy cattle for aflatoxin B1, deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) and
  • Meet the MultiSTAT at IDF WDS 2018

    Next month is your chance to see the Evidence MultiSTAT in action at IDF WDS, South Korea. The analyser is the latest new release from Randox Food Diagnostics.  Delegates from the dairy
  • IDF WDS 2018 | The Countdown is On

    With just one month to go until IDF WDS 2018 in Daejeon, South Korea preparations are underway at Randox Food Diagnostics HQ. IDF WDS is the world’s leading dairy conference, attended by
  • Britain Secures Landmark Deal with China

    This week the British Dairy Industry agreed a deal with China to approve imports on cream, yoghurt and milk powder products that are made in the UK but use milk from other
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About InfiniPlex for Milk

    Randox Food Diagnostics are market leaders in R&D and innovation, investing millions each year into the creation unique of first to market products. The revolutionary patented Biochip Array Technology has been adapted