Day 1 | World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2022: Get Your Daily Dose of Dairy

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week is here! To get started we’re focusing on antibiotic use within the dairy industry. Randox Food Diagnostics provide innovative testing solutions which aim to help milk processors supply safe and EU regulated milk.

Antibiotics are commonly used to prevent disease and bacterial infections within cattle. However, if used extensively, acceptable antibiotic levels can be exceeded and lead to harmful consequences further along the food chain if the milk is ingested by humans. To help the dairy industry monitor antibiotics within milk, Randox Food Diagnostics have developed the InfiniPlex for Milk which offers comprehensive and simultaneous screening using our revolutionary Biochip Array Technology.

InfiniPlex not only tests for antibiotics, but it can also detect up to 130 anti-inflammatories, anti-parasitic and non-steroidal residues from a single sample. This array is one of the first in the world that ensures dairy processors are complying with 98% of current EU regulations. Only one InfiniPlex kit is required to meet 98% compliance with EU Annex 27/2010 for Antibiotics, in comparison it would take 37 competitor’s kits to achieve this.

The InfiniPlex Array has many benefits including; no requirement for technical expertise as the raw milk sample is simply added to the biochip.  Drug residue combinations can help to identify the use of specific brands of veterinary drugs, as well as many unauthorised substances such as chloramphenicol, dapsone and doxycycline.

InfiniPlex can run on both the Evidence Investigator or Evidence MultiSTAT for customisable, easy and rapid testing depending on the required throughput. The Evidence Investigator is a semi-automated system suitable for a medium throughput with the capability of rapidly testing up to 48 samples in under 2 hours, making it ideal for centralised laboratories. The Evidence MultiSTAT is suitable for larger testing in processing plants, low throughput laboratories and at farm level. This analyser is fully automated, requires no laboratory experience and offers fast turnaround times providing up to 130 results in under 30 minutes.

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