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Infiniplex for Milk | The only test you need

Randox Food Diagnostics are committed to protecting the global dairy industry by continuously investing in research and development of products to assist dairy processors in their efforts to produce antibiotic free milk and safe guard their herd.

This dedication has led to the development of a unique testing solution specifically tailored to suit the needs of the dairy industry, the Infiniplex for Milk Array.

Using patented Biochip Array Technology, Infiniplex offers users fast, efficient results with enhanced supplier traceability. Empowering users to become 98% compliant with EU antibiotic regulations in one single sample, and screening for further potential substances making it the most comprehensive array available.

The power of Infiniplex is currently unparalleled in the market, by comparison you would need to purchase and interpret 39 kits from competitors to still only achieve 77% compliance with EU regulated antibiotics.

What is Biochip Array Technology?

Biochip Array Technology is a screening platform that provides multiple test results from a single, undivided sample saving both time and money compared to other screening methods. The unique testing method uses a 9mm² ceramic chip to deliver accurate, trusted results and is particularly suited to the dairy industry with the ability to simultaneously detect antibiotic residues, anti-parasitic residues, unauthorised substances and pathogens in milk from a single unprepared sample

Why Choose Infiniplex?

The Infiniplex method is comprehensive and easy to use. 130 analytes can be obtained per Biochip with very little technical expertise required, making the array perfectly suited to dairy processors.

No sample preparation is required, the raw milk sample is directly applied to the Biochip, providing users with a screening method that requires zero time to prepare samples meaning that minimal time is added to the production process.

InfiniPlex is available on the semi-automated Evidence Investigator analyser perfectly suited to high throughput testing needs and the fully automated Evidence MultiSTAT an analyser that is ideal for single sample fast analysis with results available in less than 20 minutes.

The array also provides drug discrimination capabilities as detected residues are often unique combinations of pharmaceutical products. Infiniplex can detect the individual compounds of veterinary drugs used to provide a deeper insight into the group of drugs being administered at animal level.

InfiniPlex is changing the face of analysis within the global dairy industry, providing the most comprehensive screening test available in a single sample and meeting the complex screening needs of the market where competitors simply cannot.

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