Deoxynivalenol outbreak in Canada

A recent report from Canada has confirmed Deoxynivalenol (DON) also known as Vomitoxin has been penetrating this year’s Canadian Corn harvest. Crosby Devitt, VP Strategic Development with Grain Framers of Ontario stated, “it’s up to $200m in lost value of this year in Ontario- a significant issue that were working through”.

The organisation currently represents around 28,000 barley, wheat, corn, oat and soybean producers and are trying to get support for them during mycotoxin outbreaks. There remains a “good percentage” of the crops which were not affected by the outbreak, however levels of crops destroyed was larger than usual. “This year we had higher levels of ear mould which causes DON, which is the primary concern this year in terms of mycotoxins… it’s probably more widespread than any other year” Devitt stated.

The outbreak has been addressed by the organisation and testing has been undertaken since the harvest started. “We have some research underway to look at best management practices around that to make sure that farmers, or elevators, or end users, or feed mills get good results from the corn they’re buying and the feed they’re making”.

There have been developments in the ways mycotoxin outbreaks can be prevented in the future with an amount of funding being provided by the provincial Government. Devitt explained, “there is ongoing work looking at hybrids and genetic differences in corn strains to identify ones that would be less susceptible to the disease that leads to DON”.

With global food safety becoming more and more regulated, the ability to detect mycotoxins could not be more paramount. Which is why Randox Food Diagnostics provide comprehensive screening for the world’s most prevalent mycotoxins including Deoxynivalenol (DON). This toxin can be screened for using the Biochip Technology through Myco 5, 7, 10 and Flex Arrays. Biochip has the ability to detect up to 10 known mycotoxins from a single sample of product, whilst keeping preparation and running time to a minimum.

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