Canadian pork found to contain Ractopamine


The Chinese-Canadian trade deal is again in turmoil after a pork shipment from a Quebec based processing plant was found to contain the banned substance Ractopamine, the additive that increases the speed in which animals gain weight.

The deal was set up as China looked to remove all growth promoters from their pork production within the country. Canada was offered the lucrative deal that since January to April 2019 seen $236.32 million worth of Canadian pork sold to China. The deal was only agreed on the basis that Canada removed all growth promoters from their pork.

Due to the find of Ractopamine in the pork meat, China heightened its scrutiny of the imports which led them to find forged health certificates. In turn, China has stopped all importation of Canadian pork. In the meantime, it is believed that more European pork, the world’s largest producer of pork, will flood into the Chinese market.

In a twist in the story, Ottawa regional government have called for an investigation into the contamination whilst the Canadian government is claiming that the pork and fraudulent paper work did not originate from Canada.

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