Bovine Pathogen Array

The Bovine Pathogen Array is designed to simultaneously detect antibodies against 6 of the most significant bovine pathogens from a single milk sample. It utilises Randox’s innovative Biochip Array Technology for the multiplex screening of a milk sample for 9 biomarkers related to prevalent bovine diseases, ensuring the highest degree of sensitivity and specificity. Cattle can pick up many diseases when out grazing or when they are exposed to other infected animals.

Some of these diseases can cause severe infections and in the worst cases can be fatal, but many can remain symptomless for extended periods, affecting the health of an animal as well as development in beef herds and milk yield in dairy herds. The Bovine Pathogen Array will provide a simple non-invasive screening method to ensure milk produce and animal health is of the highest quality.

Product Number: EV4355

Why Choose Bovine Pathogen Array?


Full DIVA Capacity

Full DIVA capacity helps discriminate between antibodies generated as a result of natural infection or vaccination.

Simultaneous Antibody Detection

To test the full panel of the Bovine Pathogen Array you would need 6 separate ELISA’s.

Faster time to results

Using Biochip Array Technology allows for 47 samples to be tested in every kit with a time to results in 2 hours 30 minutes

Detection of co-infection

Using a single test, Bovine Pathogen Array can establish if more than one infectious agent is circulating in a herd.

Simple sample preparation

Biochip Array Technology is easy to use and requires minimal technical expertise due to the simple sample preparations.

Established & Novel Antigens

This enhances test sensitivity and provides more scientific data to the laboratory about the herd.
Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD)Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR)Paratuberculosis

Evidence Investigator

Semi automated analyser: Using Biochip Array Technology, the evidence investigator gives the dairy industry trusted results on contaminants in milk.

Evidence Investigator

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