Honey spool


Honey is composed primarily of the sugars glucose and fructose; its third greatest component is water.  Fructose is slightly sweeter than glucose and predominates in most honeys, making the honey taste slightly sweeter than sugar.

Some honeys which are very rich in fructose tend to taste very sweet, but there are a few types of honeys which contain more glucose than fructose. Randox Food’s Glucose/Fructose kit has a shelf life of 15 months.

Product Number: GF2635

Why test for glucose/fructose in honey?

Because honey contains such a variety of carbohydrates and other nutrients, it is much more than just a sweetener. Carbohydrates are responsible for some of the key functional properties in honey. The ability of honey to hold moisture and extend shelf-life, its microwave reactivity and its ability to promote colour and flavours development are all related to its carbohydrate composition. Another important aspect of honey carbohydrate composition is crystallization. The fructose/glucose and glucose/water ratios are parameters which are used to help predict the tendency of honey to crystallize. Honeys with a low glucose/water ratio generally do not crystallize easily.

MethodNo. of TestsCatalogue No.SensitivityLinearity
RX misano157GF26350.30 g/l7.50 g/l

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