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Randox Food Diagnostics continue to transform the landscape of conventional screening by developing revolutionary, high quality products.

Randox Food is dedicated to improving the global food safety chain. Our versatile range of kits includes an extensive list of drug residue ELISAs and biochip arrays, as well as our dedicated enzymatic kits for the honey industry.

Within Randox Food Diagnostics we provide remarkable tools for the screening of antimicrobials, growth promoting hormones and drugs of abuse in animals and produce, offering superb limits of detection and simple sample preparations. Randox Food Diagnostics has an extensive and expanding range consisting of 37 ELISAs, 21 multiplex screening platforms and 20 enzymatic/colourmetric reagents. Our comprehensive range and trusted screening solutions are intertwined with continually improving the standards of global food safety, ensuring that better science means safer food.

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