Total Antioxidant Status (TAS)

Total Antioxidant Status can also be used to determine the phenolic content of beverages such as wine, beer and fruit juice. Antioxidants present in red wine, tea and other beverages have been shown to give a cardio-protective effect. The compounds in beverages, which contribute to this effect, are Phenolics, of which Polymeric Phenols are the largest subgroup. Phenolics also contribute towards the taste, colour, odour and preservative of the beverage.

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Why test for Total Sulphites (TSO2) in wine?

SO2 is present in wine in unbound (free) and bound forms. Only free SO2 is active as an antimicrobial and antioxidant preservative. Given that a proportion of SO2 added to wine becomes inactive when it binds to components such as polyphenolics and sugar, and with legal restrictions on SO2 levels in wine it is useful for wine producers to quantify both free SO2 & total SO2. The kit is suitable for the quantification of total (free & bound) SO2 in wine.

MethodNo. of TestsCatalogue No.SensitivityLinearity
RX misano100NX23322.58 mmol/L
0.20 mmol/L
RX monacoN/ANX2332On requestOn request