Glycerol is formed as a by-product of fermentation. It also has a favourable impact on wine quality, as it improves fullness and sweetness. It is non-aromatic due to its non-volatile nature but can contribute to certain properties of wine depending on the concentration.

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Why test for Glycerol in wine?

In concentrations, higher than 5.2 g/L in wine it can contribute to the “sweetness” of a wine. Wine yeasts produce between 5 – 14 g/L in dry wines. It is not possible for the human palate to distinguish between glycerol concentrations in this range. A concentration of 25.8 g/L of glycerol is needed to influence the viscosity of a wine and so accurate measurement is important for winemakers.

MethodNo. of TestsCatalogue No.SensitivityLinearity
RX misano180GY1057.20 mg/l
300.00 mg/l
RX monacoN/AGY105On requestOn request