Glucose/Fructose are the main fermentable sugars found in wine. They are natural sugar produced in the vines during photosynthesis. During fermentation yeast converts the glucose/fructose into Ethanol and Carbon Dioxide. These sugars play a key role in the wine making process as important indicators of grape quality and represent the amount of sugar that is available to the yeast for conversion into ethanol.

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Why test for Glucose/Fructose in wine?

D-glucose and D-fructose content, often referred to as total reducing sugars, is monitored at each stage of the wine making process with high glucose levels present during ripening and high fructose levels present in over ripe grapes. The Randox Food Diagnostics kit enables the determination of both glucose and fructose and their combined sugar concentration. Glucose/Fructose can also provide a better estimate of the potential alcohol concentration after fermentation from what sugars are left in the wine.

MethodNo. of TestsCatalogue No.SensitivityLinearity
RX misano157GF26350.30 g/l
7.50 g/l
RX monaco293GF83630.09 g/l7.00 g/l