Individual Enzymes

Randox Food Diagnostics provides winemakers with a wide range of separate kit components providing cost effective solutions to the smaller testing wine laboratory. Making home brewed reagents is simple and straightforward with the following highly stable and specific enzymes. Choose from our comprehensive list of enzymes below.

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EnzymeCatalogue No.SizeInformation
MDHMD10025mlMalic dehydrogenase (MDH) is responsible for catalysing the conversion of malate into oxaloacetate and NADH. The enzyme is liquid ready-to-use, with high levels of sensitivity
HexokinaseHK10005mlHexokinase is the enzyme responsible for catalysing the conversion of aldo and keto-hexose sugars to the hexose-6-phosphate (H6P). The enzyme is responsible for catalysing this reaction on the sugars glucose and fructose
PGIPG110011mlPhosphoglucose Isomerase (PGI) is used for the enzymatic interconversion of D-glucose 6-phosphate and D-fructose 6-phosphate. This enzymatic protein is liquid ready-to-use for added convenience
GOTGOT10031mlGlutamate Oxoacetate Transaminase (GOT), also known as Aspartate Transaminase is an enzyme responsible for catalysing the bi-directional conversion of oxoacetate and glutamate to aspartate and a-ketoglutarate and vice-versa
NADND6265gNicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide
NADPDP8201gNicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate
ATPAT61110gAdenosine Triphosphate