Sulphamethazine is a member of the sulphonamide group of synthetic antibiotics. The drug is administered as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial to treat or prevent infectious diseases including; pneumonia, intestinal infections and urinary tract infections.  Sulphamethazine is distributed widely throughout all organs and tissues; and metabolized primarily by the liver, producing inactive acetylated and glucuronide forms, which are excreted in urine.

The Randox Food Diagnostics Sulphamethazine ELISA test kit offers reliable screening for antibiotic residues in meat. Applicable sample types include Tissue, Urine, Egg and Serum.

Product Number: SM2146

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AssayLOD (ppb)CompoundCross Reactivity %
Sulphamethazine5.00 (Tissue)
5.00 (Serum)
5.00 (Urine)
5.00 (Egg)
*Each LOD standardised to this compound