RX daytona+

The RX daytona + is a fully automated bench top analyser capable of performing up to 270 tests per hour. Classed as the most versatile analyser in its class the RX daytona + is designed to achieve accurate results first time combining robust hardware with world class software makes the RX daytona + the most reliable machine on the market. Bringing together Randox Food’s wine analysers and the wine testing reagents provides any winemaker with the perfect all in one platform.

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Extensive Test Menu

Extensive dedicated test menu for wine analysis allows laboratories to expand their testing capabilities.

Accurate Results

Separate sample and reagent pipettes minimise carryover. Dedicated micropipettes are equipped with liquid level sensors and crash detection.

Unrivalled Performance

Built in inventory management system automatically calculates remaining reagent volume and the number of tests available.


72 semi-permanent reaction cuvettes lasting for 3-6 months with an economical reaction volume of between 100-350μl.

Flexibility & Versitility

12 wavelengths generated via diffraction grating (340-800nm) giving the RX daytona plus a wide range of testing abilities.

Low Water Consumption

Economic platform with low water consumption of only 5 litres per hour.