Ergot Alkaloid ELISA – EA3491 Available Now!

Randox Food Diagnostics are delighted to announce the new product launch of our Ergot Alkaloids ELISA, catalogue number – EA3491.


Available now Randox Food Diagnostics Ergot Alkaloid ELISA – EA3491 which is:


  • Compliant with the lowest proposed maximum levels being considered by the European Commission for the total of 12 main ergot alkaloids applicable from July 2020, including the stricter drafted limits from July 2022, for cereal-based feed, wheat and rye milling products.


  • Accurately detects the sum of 12 main ergot alkaloids to test the most affected type of cereal – rye flour. Randox Ergot Alkaloids ELISA results show an excellent 95% correlation with the assigned concentration within FAPAS Proficiency Test scheme.


  • Unrivalled in the detection of low contamination levels. The Z-score of FAPAS PT of -0.6 for baby multigrain food was obtained using Randox Ergot Alkaloids ELISA.


  • Validated based on Commission Regulation (EC) No 519/2014 as a semi-quantitative screening method for cereal-based feed, wheat and rye milling products. The same regulation was followed for fit-for-purpose approach assessment for confirmatory method, which approves Randox Ergot Alkaloids ELISA as being a method for official control. It is successfully assessed by fit-for-purpose approach according to Commission Regulation (EC) No 401/2006 as approved method of analysis.


  • Evaluated by third-party laboratory (Wageningen Food Safety research (WFSR), 2019) and proved to be able to distinguish between negative and positive samples. Randox’s ELISA displayed no false-negatives and no false-positives in this study. Across all commercially available ELISA tests, Randox Food Diagnostics Ergot Alkaloids ELISA was the only test which showed good performance with all 3 sample types, including 11 matrices and a total of 24 samples.


Reference reports are available upon request.


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