Chloramphenicol Next Gen

Chloramphenicol is a broad spectrum antibiotic used to treat a wide range of bacterial infections. However, in humans it leads to Chloramphenicol induced aplastic anaemia. This has led to the use of Chloramphenicol being totally banned within the European Union since 1994 for the treatment of animals used for food production. Imported seafood to the US from Asia has been monitored for the use of Chloramphenicol residues which is banned for use in the US. Chloramphenicol is also banned within the meat testing industry.

The Randox Food Diagnostics Chloramphenicol Next GEN ELISA aims to give a fast, reliable, analytical method which can be used to scren for the presence of Cloramphenicol in urine, honey and tissue samples. This kit has the ability to analyse 80 samples.

Product Number: CN10152

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AssayLOD (ppb)Compound%CR
Chloramphenicol0.25 (Urine)
0.05 (Tissue)
0.05 (Honey)
Chloramphenicol Glucuronide
Chloramphenicol base
Florfenicol amine
*Each LOD standardised to this compound