Ractopamine Only Array (USDA Approved)

Growth-promoting hormones are commonly used amongst farmers to produce a more profitable heard by generating greater return for the weight of the animals. Over use can lead to trace residues of these hormones ending up in the food chain, which has generated a need for reliable screening and testing for Ractopamine.

Randox Food Diagnostics have developed the Multiple Matrix – Ractopamine Only Array, which utilises the biochip technology to screen for Ractopamine in beef. This array is included in the USDA list of approved tests for Ractopamine. Sample types include Urine, Feed, Beed, Pork and Poultry.

Product Number: EV3920

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AssayLOD (ppb)CompoundCross Reactivity %
Ractopamine0.20 (Urine)
2.00 (Feed)
0.10 (Beef/Pork/Poultry)
Ractopamine Hydrochloride

*Each LOD standardised to this compound

*Higher range method also available, offering an LOD 5.0ppb